Bitcoin Merge Mining Pool

Stratum Stratum Port3333 or 3334
Hashrate (Th/s) 93.39 Round Duration 8676:53:59 Round Shares 40,539,157,362,111 Round CDF 66.62%

Enter the userid and bitcoin address to receive mining rewards. This address cannot be changed once you've accepted the form below. You'll need to register a new userid if you want to change it.

User name User names are case sensitive
bitcoin bitcoin address. A bitcoin address is required to register.

Note that you must use an address that you control the private keys for. If you use an address for an exchange or wallet service and that service changes their addresses you won't be able to withdraw your coins. You will have to liase with the wallet service to recover them. The owner of the private keys for the addresses you use here effectively own the coins - that should be you!

User names are case sensitive. You must use the same mix of capital and lowercase letters in your miner as you registered in this form. If you use the wrong userid when mining your share submissions will be lost and cannot be recovered.