Bitcoin Merge Mining Pool

Stratum Stratum Port3333 or 3334
Hashrate (Th/s) 100.26 Round Duration 8675:18:45 Round Shares 40,539,032,355,256 Round CDF 66.62%


There was a period of downtime today due to network connectivity issues from the server host. This has been resolved and the pool is operational again.
After a long dry run a block has been found. Payments are currently pending, you can request a withdrawal and they'll be processed in approximately 24 hours. Your statistics page will show a list of pending and completed payouts, including transaction id with the payment is released. The pending payout will show the address where the payment will go to. Please check this and if it is not correct, contact the pool admins immediately.
The pool was down temporarily for about 12 hours due to a level 3 global outage across the internet. It is operational again now.
The bitcoin halvening has occurred and block rewards provided by the bitcoin network are now 6.25 BTC per solved block. DGM estimates and payouts have been adjusted for the new rate. While performing updates for the halving an error in reward calculations was fixed whereby the wrong difficulty level was used to compute rewards. This error occurred a few months back and only affected reward calculations, not whether or not a block was solved. Rewards were being calculated with a lower difficulty resulting in higher earnings being credited to users DGM estimate. The problem has been fixed and rewards re-calculated - as a result DGM estimates are slightly lower than the half expected due to the halving event.
High difficulty port, 3334, has been changed to start difficulty at 2,500,000.
Syscoin and Unobtainium have been disabled while I investigated issues the pool is having with the daemon
NiceHash or high difficulty miners can use port 3334 instead of 3333. Starting difficulty on that port is 1,000,000.
The starting difficulty for the pool hash been changed to 65535 to be compatible with Nicehash rentals. If this is too high for your miner there is the "--suggest-diff" setting on cgminer to set an initial starting difficulty.
The pool is now merge mining Syscoin 2.0. All active users have been given a Syscoin address automatically and will be receiving rewards. These will become available for withdraw by contacting the admin and requesting a new Syscoin address.
The pool has moved to using automatic difficulty adjustments, replacing the previous method where difficulty was set in the users password. The password is now ignored and can be set to anything. Difficulty starts off at 2048 and will adjust up or down depending on the hash rate of the miner. If the starting difficulty of 2048 is too high (or too low) you can use cgminer's "--suggest-diff" command line argument to set an intial starting difficulty.
The pool has switched back to standard ports for the site and mining. Should a DDOS happen again please consider trying the Tor service as described in the FAQ.
Due to a DDOS attack and an attempted extortion to stop the attack the pool is currently accessible over Tor only. The site and stratum mining can both be accessed an example cgminer command to mine using TOR.
The pool can now be accessed over TOR. Both the website and mining via stratum can be used. The pool runs a TOR hidden service at the address phkttm64gbquasaq.onion. See the FAQ for an example cgminer command to mine using TOR.
2014-04-06 Part 2

The minimum withdrawal amount for bitcoin withdrawals has been lowered to 0.005 BTC.


The pool is back on the forum under the username mmpool. The pool discussion thread is topic id 559011.

2014-04-04 Part 2
The DGM estimates on the statistics page and the user pages should now more accurately represent what the payment will be if a block is found.

One of the problems with a low hash rate DGM pool is bitcoin payments take a long time to arrive due to payouts only occurring on blocks. I'm sure all mmpool users are aware of this right now. A solution to this is PPS payments but this means the pool takes on all risk. This didn't work out for mmpool when it used this method in the past. DGM parameters can be tweaked to adjust risk and reward so that long rounds pay more but this still results in a long time between actual payments.

As an experiment to provide a medium between rolling PPS payments and block DGM payments the pool is trialing splitting the reward between DGM and PPS. DGM payments will be set as if the block reward is lower than 25 BTC and the difference will be awarded as a PPS payment that is withdrawable immediately. This trial is set up to award 23 BTC for DGM and 2 BTC for PPS. Users should now notice their BTC value increases, albeit slowly due to the low 2 BTC split, but provides some immediate funds. Statistics have been updated to show these values.

This is a trial. I will probably adjust the split based on how it goes. Feedback welcome, see the contact page to get in touch.

The pool had a few minutes downtime while some maintenance was performed. The backend for the alt coins had an upgrade to handle the lower PPS rates due to the coins high difficulties. The ixcoin client was upgrade to the 0.8.x version. Users mining during this period received bonus ixcoins to compensation for the downtime.
The domain name for the pool has changed to the shorter address. The instructions and addresses for mining have been updated to this effect. The old domain name will continue to redirect for some time so there is no immediate need to change already configured equipment. Email for support is now
The pool was down for about 30 minutes just now to fix some problems with the pool wallet caused by the transaction malleability relayers. There are some stuck transactions as a result and I'm working on clearing those up. I have a workaround implemented to hopefully prevent the issue until a fix to the bitcoin client is done.
The pool was down for an hour today while dealing with a break-in attempt on the server. This has been resolved and service is back up.
The pool has a new look. The pages have been cleaned up and some improvements in functionality made. Most of these improvements were done by a new pool admin who is coming up to speed with the codebase and operation of the pool as I haven't had the time to work on it lately. Expect more changes and new functionality as they get familiar with things. Feedback welcome.
This is a summary of the recent pool changes made over the last few days:
  • Effective from block 273515 onwards the pool fee is back to the original 1.5% and the entire transaction fee in a block is paid to the miner that finds the block. This extra information has been added to the block statistics page and the user statistics. Miner names are reported in the same obfuscated way as they are listed in the stats page and individual miner stats include information on blocks found. In the coinbase for pool blocks you will now see three transactions instead of two. These are the fee that goes to the pool, the transaction fee that the miner gets and the subsidy the rest of the pool gets. I'm hoping that the reward for finding a block will help reduce the temptation for miners to withold blocks in an attempt to reduce pool effectiveness. It also provides a 'lottery' for smaller miners to get a chance at a larger reward when the block is found.
  • DGM parameters have been adjusted so DGM estimates will be inaccurate for a period. As part of the DGM adjustment I've also adjusted the parameter that makes the pool pay more on long blocks. I've set this to be lower. This means long blocks will not pay so much more than 25 BTC but shorter blocks will pay more to offset it. The previous setting of about 23% extra payment was causing too much variance for the pool with the current high bitcoin value. This adjustment will also cause an innacuracy in the DGM estimates until it settles.
I've had questions about listing blocks found by the pool that the pool hasn't paid out. The blocks assigned to pools by are inaccurate. For details of how to identify pool blocks please read my explanation here.